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Basic Principles of Growing a YouTube Channel

In this video Dan Currier shares the most basic principles of growing a YouTube channel which he calls the 2 Cs. If you learn nothing else, be sure to understand these two concepts.

Determined But Patient | Exciting News for August

Every once in a while when it comes time to make a video, I just don’t feel it. There is a lot of energy that goes into making a video in preparation, recording and editing and every once in a while things just dont click. Now rather than stress about it…

How to Grow With 0 Views and 0 Subscribers

In this video Dan Currier walks you through the process of growing a channel from 0 views and 0 subscribers. Several specific steps are outlined that will position your channel for growth. GET TUBEBUDDY NOW: https://www.Tubebuddy.com/CreatorFund…

Secret Weapon for YouTube Growth

Join me, Dan Currier, as I share a tool proven to get you more views, watch time and subscribers. We all want to grow faster on YouTube. This tool can help you improve the traffic to your YouTube channel, and build some relationships with other small YouTubers along the way.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel With Comments

Join me, Dan Currier, as I explain the right way to use comments to promote your channel on other YouTubers’ videos and also how to handle comments on your videos. Don’t fall into bad habits that can negatively affect the growth of your YouTube channel.

Naming Your YouTube Channel

Join me, Dan Currier, as I share 4 tips to consider when choosing your YouTube channel name.  This video will save you time and aggravation if you consider the tips while selecting a name for your YouTube channel.

Top Mistakes Small YouTubers Make

Join Dan Currier as he explains the top 5 mistakes small YouTubers make that can prevent your YouTube channel from growing. If you are serious about growing your YouTube channel, be sure to avoid these mistakes.

Create Thumbnails With Gimp

In this video Dan Currier shows you how to create professional YouTube thumbnails in gimp. I explain how to remove backgrounds, layer images, create text that pops and reshape, resize and organize layers for a professional presentation.

Tube Ritual Volume I – Book by Brian G Johnson

Tube Ritual by Brian G Johnson, who gains over 1000 subscribers and 80k views per month, is showing us the secrets behind how he does it. Tube Ritual Volume I, a book authored by Brian G Johnson and is available on Amazon, spells out Brian G Johnson’s formula for success.

Get Started with Keyword Research

  Get Started with Keyword Research | TubeBuddy How To | Rank Your Videos Higher In this video Dan Currier talks about how Keyword Research works and how to get started on the path of getting your videos to rank in search.