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VidSummit 2017

(YouTubers hanging out at Rosco’s in Los Angeles, CA after registration on day 1 of VidSummit. Pictured: Sabina Barth Popovich, Dan Currier, Eric Robi, Todd Barth, Andru Edwards, Brian G Johnson, Jason Liebman, Nick Nimmin, Roberto Blake)

VidSummit 2017 was an awesome experience filled with a ton of knowledge and opportunity. Who knew I would land at 4pm, get registered at 4:30pm and then find myself at dinner with these fine people.

How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers and Beyond

In this video Dan Currier shares the tips and strategy for getting your first 100 subscribers and beyond. There is a lot of work in growing a YouTube channel and many things to consider. This video will help you sort them out and begin growing your channel or grow your channel faster.

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Basic Principles of Growing a YouTube Channel

In this video Dan Currier shares the most basic principles of growing a YouTube channel which he calls the 2 Cs. If you learn nothing else, be sure to understand these two concepts.
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