Goals for 2018 and How To Decide Them

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Goals for 2018 and How To Decide Them

January 12, 2018 Blog 0

We all want out new year resolutions to succeed…

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year when everyone’s optimism is renewed and people set goals to improve themselves and take that next big step in their profession or personal life.

Goal setting is a great way to motivate yourself to achieve, more but New Year’s Resolutions have developed a bad reputation over the years. WHY?

Motivation is often at its peak just after the ball drops and ushers in the new year. Because of this, and peoples’ desire to improve, they often set goals for the super version of themselves. As the year progresses and that motivation dwindles, they slip further from their goals and become discouraged.

We jump into the work at but eventually those goals slip away beyond the horizon and people give up and slip back into their bad habits.

So how do we prevent this from happening?

We need to understand that we are still the same people we were on December 31. We have to recognize our desire to change and understand what has prevented us from achieving our goals up until this point.

We then need to use this information to make small changes over time that move us toward our goals. Don’t try to become your perfect self over night.

The effects of human nature affect us as YouTubers as well. We see others grow. WE want to grow and then our motivation causes us to want to grow NOW! But growth, true growth, is about patience and execution over a long period of time.

To meet and exceed your goals in 2018, consider the following:

1.) Set goals around things you can actually control:

  • Make X number of videos
  • Post Videos Weekly
  • Learn a New Editing Software

2.) Avoid goals you have less direct control over

  • Get X number of subscribers, views, watch time

If you focus on improving your skill set, your consistency and simply strive to get better over time, those numbers I mentioned above, will take care of themselves.

Good luck to you in 2018.

~ Dan


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