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Can You Make It As A YouTuber?

Each and every day new users flood onto YouTube hoping to make it big. On those same days, just as many or more, throw their hands up and walk away from the YouTube channel they were struggling to build. So if you are considering starting a channel, you might want to ask yourself: “Can I…
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September 8, 2017 0

Reasons Why We Lose Subscribers

In this video Dan Currier discusses the Top 3 Reasons Why We Lose Subscribers. Like it or not, we will all loves subscribers during our YouTube career. It is important to understand why an expect it.

August 6, 2017 0

How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers and Beyond

In this video Dan Currier shares the tips and strategy for getting your first 100 subscribers and beyond. There is a lot of work in growing a YouTube channel and many things to consider. This video will help you sort them out and begin growing your channel or grow your channel faster.

August 5, 2017 0

Clickbait for More Views on YouTube

Join Dan Currier as he discusses the merits of Clickbait. Is it smart marketing or a four letter word? What do you think about clickbait?

August 3, 2017 0

Quest for a New and Improved Background

Working through the #smallyoutuber challenges of working in a small space and striving to continually improve my craft.  Next video (tonight) will use the improved (imho) backdrop. Be sure to tell me what you think of it.

August 2, 2017 0

Mobile Gaming Channel Tips with Famous from FLV Videos

In this video Famous from FLV Videos and Pokemon Go fame, shares his Top 3 Tips for Mobile Gaming Channels. Ever wondered how to capture your mobile screen or what strategy is best to set you apart from the crowd? Well be sure to check out the whole video to learn about this and more.

August 1, 2017 0

200 Subscriber Milestone

Creator Fundamentals reached the 200 subscriber milestone on August 1, 2017, 47 days after launching the channel on June 15, 2017. Thank you to all of the subscribers and viewers who made this possible. More great things to come!

August 1, 2017 0

How to Grow With 0 Views and 0 Subscribers

In this video Dan Currier walks you through the process of growing a channel from 0 views and 0 subscribers. Several specific steps are outlined that will position your channel for growth. GET TUBEBUDDY NOW: https://www.Tubebuddy.com/CreatorFund…

July 24, 2017 0

Secret Weapon for YouTube Growth

Join me, Dan Currier, as I share a tool proven to get you more views, watch time and subscribers. We all want to grow faster on YouTube. This tool can help you improve the traffic to your YouTube channel, and build some relationships with other small YouTubers along the way.

July 17, 2017 0

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel With Comments

Join me, Dan Currier, as I explain the right way to use comments to promote your channel on other YouTubers’ videos and also how to handle comments on your videos. Don’t fall into bad habits that can negatively affect the growth of your YouTube channel.

July 1, 2017 0